Digidesign ECx Ethernet Option Card

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Digidesign ECx Ethernet Option Card
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Remote Control Ethernet Card for FOH Rack The ECx Ethernet Option Card is an option for the VENUE FOH Rack (current FOH Racks now include ECx as standard) that enables you to control a VENUE system remotely over a wired or wireless Ethernet network. Using a compatible Ethernet-equipped client device, such as a laptop or desktop computer (sold separately), you can remotely control all VENUE control surface and D-Show® software functions from practically anywhere inside — or even outside — the venue.


* Remote control any D-Show® or D-Show Profile™ system from a client computer, such as a laptop or Tablet PC * Provides exact duplication of the D-Show software interface on the remote client computer * Supports Windows- and Mac-based clients Compatibility Information Digidesign can only assure compatibility and provide support for hardware and software that it has tested and approved.

For wireless communication with the ECx Ethernet Option Card, Digidesign recommends 802.11g or Pre-N devices.

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