Digidesign DSO Digital Output Card

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Digidesign DSO Digital Output Card
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Digidesign's VENUE takes a major upgrade in functionality with its new D-Show Version 2 software, which includes hardware support for two digital I/O cards, the Digital Stage Input (DSI) Card and Digital Stage Output (DSO) Card, which offer eight channels of digital input and output (respectively) for the VENUE Stage Rack. These digital I/O options allow easy and direct integration with DAWs, digital mic preamps, digital speaker processors, digital format converters, and more. DSI and DSO cards are easy to install and offer advanced source selection and sample-rate conversion features.

A single DSI card provides eight channels of digital input for the VENUE Stage Rack either through four AES/EBU pairs on individual XLRs or via a single ADAT optical interface. A single DSO card offers eight channels of AES/EBU outputs across four discrete XLRs as well as eight channels via the ADAT optical interface. The DSO keeps both AES/EBU and ADAT interfaces active at all times, creating a digital split with the AES signals mirrored to the ADAT connection.

Digidesign Digital Stage Output Card Features:

* Eight channels of digital output for the Stage Rack * Four AES/EBU pairs on individual XLRs and a single ADAT optical interface * Simultaneous output of both AES/EBU and ADAT lightpipe audio * Direct digital connection to a range of digital peripherals and components, such as digital speaker processors, power amps, powered speakers, digital audio workstations, or format converters * Fixed 48kHz output sample rate

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