Digidesign Dinr LE (AS) Plug-In For Pro Tools (Only)

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Digidesign Dinr LE (AS) Plug-In For Pro Tools (Only)
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DINR, Digidesign's award-winning Intelligent Noise Reduction plug-in, effectively reduces unwanted noise - including tape hiss, guitar-amp buzz, and air conditioner rumble - for cleaner, more professional sounding audio. Now, it's available as an Audio Suite plug-in for LE systems!

Since DINR analyzes and subtracts noise entirely within the digital realm, the results can be virtually free of side effects - such as distortion, dynamic modulation (pumping and breathing), and the undesired fluctuations in frequency response associated with conventional noise reduction systems.


Professional-quality broadband noise reduction

High-fidelity, file-based processing with AudioSuite

Listen to the noise being removed with DINR AudioSuite "Audition Noise" function

Post-processing removes undesirable artifacts with DINR AudioSuite "Artifact Removal" function

Unparalleled cost-effectiveness

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