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Digidesign® VENUE live sound systems are comprised of high-quality components that work together to deliver studio-grade sound, powerful performance, and complete ease of use, with maximum flexibility. The VENUE D-Show Profile™ System is based around the D-Show Profile control surface and employs an FOH Rack and Stage Rack processing and I/O system. This system offers great I/O expandability and a compact control surface, providing maximum power in a smaller footprint.

Digidesign D-Show Mixing Console with Redundant Power Supply The D-Show mixing console was designed with the analog mix engineer in mind. Key settings are either instantly accessible or at most a single button press away. Extensive metering throughout the console enables operators to see what's going on with the mix at all times. The design philosophy behind D-Show was twofold: to provide operators with the ability to both A) select a single channel to a central all-parameters Assignable Channel Section (ACS), and to B) adjust certain parameters across many channels at once, similar to a traditional analog live sound mixing console.

Reliability in a live sound system is paramount. Even in installed environments, the ability to work around component failures without interrupting the show is imperative.Thus, to ensure maximum reliability with VENUE, Digidesign has implemented hardware redundancy in multiple places in the system. Dual-redundant power supplies are an option for any part of the system. The modularity of the D-Show console allows inputs to be automatically redistributed over the remaining faders in the event of a partial failure. Any power failure or communication interruption with a subsystem produces a notification on the optional VGA display screen. Even the display itself is a non-essential system component, as all critical audio controls are available on the D-Show mixing console. This system includes a redundant power supply for the D-Show Main control surface.

Digidesign D-Show Main Overview:

* Input Channel * Assignable Channel Section * Master/Global Section * Meter Bridge and System Status


Input Channel Strip: The input channel strip area is dedicated to providing visual feedback. By glancing at the channel, the engineer can tell:

* Which group busses the input is assigned to, preventing accidental mis-grouping. * Whether EQ, dynamics, or inserts are in circuit. * The effect of the dynamics (shown on separate gate and compressor gain reduction meters). * The input level, in a standard dBVU scale. * Whether a clip is occurring at any of four points in the channel strip (indicated by turning the entire meter red). * Whether a clip is occurring on a hidden fader bank. * Whether snapshot automation will affect the channel.

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