Digidesign Avid Mojo SDI Post Production Systems/Options

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Digidesign Avid Mojo SDI Post Production Systems/Options
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Avid Mojo SDI gives you everything you need to compete in the world of professional video post. Avid Mojo SDI enables Pro Tools|HD and LE editors to open any standard-definition OMF®, AAF, or MXF files created with Avid Xpress® Pro or Avid Media Composer® Adrenaline™ systems, play back frame edge-aligned video in sample-accurate sync from the Pro Tools timeline to an external monitor, and export finished audio for integration into an Avid sequence. Avid Mojo SDI also supports SD video capture directly to the Pro Tools timeline and playback of most QuickTime movies.

Avid Mojo SDI offers full SDI, component, composite, S-Video and DV I/O. SDI, component, composite, S-Video, and DV I/O

Supports all Pro Tools HD and most Pro Tools LE systems

Support for OMF, AAF, and MXF files created with Avid Xpress Pro or Avid Media Composer Adrenaline systems

Provides integrated playback of all standard-definition Avid video, including JFIF (up to 1:1) and AVR resolutions, DV25, DV50, MXF, IMX, multicam, interlaced, and 24p/25p progressive scan

Supports frame edge-aligned playback of most QuickTime SD and HD video resolutions, including H.264

Supports DV25 video capture direct to the Pro Tools Timeline

Serial Digital Interface, component, S-Video, and composite I/O

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