Crown CM-312A CM Series Hypercardioid Microphones

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Crown CM-312A CM Series Hypercardioid Microphones
CM-312A Microphone

Lightweight headworn hypercardioid microphone with smooth, articulate sound. For situations where gain-before-feedback is less critical. XLR connector on battery/phantom belt pack. CM-312AE is unterminated for use with a wireless microphone transmitter of your choice.

The CrownŽ CM-312A is a rugged, lightweight head-worn microphone designed for aerobics, live entertainment, and sports broadcasting. It is intended for applications that require a light, inconspicuous mic.

Because the microphone is to the side of the mouth, breath pops are eliminated. The sound of the CM-312A can be tailored to taste by moving the microphone closer or farther from the corner of the mouth.

The CM-312A sounds like the best handheld microphones. Its hypercardioid pickup pattern reduces feedback and aids isolation. In difficult situations, the Crown CM-311A headworn mic is recommended because it picks up even less feedback and leakage than the CM-312A.

Designed for comfort, the headband fits behind the head and disappears in use. Both the headband and boom adjust to fit any head. Because of the boom's unique behind-the-ear design, it does not cover up the user's face.

Two models are available: CM-312A and CM-312AE. The CM-312A is powered by a 9V battery or phantom power. It has a battery belt pack with a battery on/off switch, a programmable mic on/off switch, and a "Mic On" LED. The CM-312AE has no connector; you connect it to a wireless transmitter of your choice. Crown has some versions of the CM-312AE pre-wired with connectors for various wireless systems, such as the CM-312AESH for Shure wireless systems. Please ask your local dealer or Crown Technical Support for more information.

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