Crate V33-212 V-Series Tube Amplifier

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Crate V33-212 V-Series Tube Amplifier
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The British invasion not only brought long hair, Cuban heels and phony accents to our shores, it also brought the now classic cathode-biased 30 watt Class A guitar amp. At moderate volumes, these gifts from the Commonwealth produce a fantastic chime that will be your ticket to ride. Crank them into saturation, and youíll have a multi-dimensional roar that will cause any bohemian to rhapsodize on their articulation and sustain.

Our two-channel V33-212 combo produces 33 watts of all tube Class A tone through dual 12" speakers. Set one channel for crystal clear cleans, and the other for the warm overdrive distortion that can only come from four EL84 cathode biased output tubes, and youíre ready to start your own tone revolution. The new V33's boost function lets your solos soar above the band with just one stomp on the included footswitch, while the three-band EQ, fluid channel switching and spring reverb give you ultimate sonic control in a loud, durable package. Thermion, dead man!

33 watts RMS Class A, all tube circuitry 2 x 12" speakers Two channels 4 x EL84 output tubes, cathode biased Spring reverb

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