Numark CDN95 Professional DJ CD Player

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Numark CDN95 Professional DJ CD Player
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The CDN95 is the most advanced dual CD/MP3 player in the world. The CDN95 builds on the proven technology of the CDN90 and adds MP3 playback capability. All of Numark’s custom mixing effects can be applied to MP3 files with the same stability of traditional CDs .This includes 2 sets of seamless loops per track, scratching, sonar, filters, “interlock” auto-beat matching, stutter starts, and programmable track sequence. In addition, The CDN95 has been fitted with advanced slot load CD drives for optimal playback. Numark’s exclusive “Key Lock” feature allows the user to adjust tempo from any point without changing the key. Built-in patented automatic Beatkeeper™ technology allows the user to quickly know the current tempo and align tracks with the simple push of a button. Additional features include; start/brake speed adjustment, “dead-space” cancellation, MIDI in/out, digital output and user updatable software.

FEATURES: • Real-time scratch, pitch, and effect wheel • Full MP3 playback capability with 2 line text display, all features, including scratching, enabled for MP3 files! • Automatic Beatkeeper™ with interlock automatic beat matching • Key lock up to ±100% • ± 6, 12, 25 and 100% pitch control • Direct access to 16 DSP effects with multi-effect play, scratching, and beat aligned effects • Save 3,000 cue points in memory • 2 seamless loops with 3 hot stutter starts • Anti shock, digital output, MIDI IN/OUT

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