Numark CDN88 Professional DJ CD Player

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Numark CDN88 Professional DJ CD Player
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Real Time CD Scratching, Looping, Digital Effects and Much More

It's easy to take control of your CD mix with Numark's CDN-88. You get all the most requested CD features, including real time CD scratching with true vinyl sound, and tons of built-in effects. There's even a built-in dual channel Numark Beatkeeper with BPM readouts. The CDN-88 can sync and match beats automatically without altering the pitch.


Automatic beat mixing with Beat Interlock for perfect beat mixes

Built-in Numark beatkeeper with BPM readout

48 seconds of buffered memory with instant start, anti-shock protection, 2 loops with instant access and stuttered play

Built-in digital effects including reverse play, flange, warp, bleep, phaze, ISO, echo, verb, chop, slide, kill and live scratch

Pitch range of +/-6, +/-12, +/-25 or +/-100% for total pitch control

High speed search wheel

Digital and analog outputs

Remote fader start

CD doors close automatically after 30 seconds to keep out dust

Controller size: 19"w x 5.25"h x 2.5"d. Player: 19"w x 3.5"h x 12"d. Total Wt. 16 lbs.

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