Blue Kickball Drum Microphone Studio and Live Use

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Blue Kickball Drum Microphone Studio & Live Use
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Designed to be punchy and detailed with a larger-than-life sound, the Kickball delivers an acoustic balance far superior to conventional dynamic microphones.

The back of the mic features a three-position bass frequency switch allowing three distinct low-frequency equalization curves. This circuit is based on a unique active RC filter that attenuates sub-bass (below 20Hz) frequencies and contours the low end without any noticeable phase distortion. Ideal for both stage and studio use, the Kickball can be used on virtually any instrument: kick drum, snare drum, tom toms, electric bass, bass cabinets, and anywhere else you need a rugged mic that sounds unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. And like any good kick drum microphone, the Kickball can withstand extremely high sound pressure levels that would send even the toughest condensers back to the showers.

Give the Kickball a listen and you’ll see how well-rounded it really is.

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Acoustical Operating Principal: Dynamic transducer with active Class A Polar Pattern: Cardioid Frequency Range: 35Hz – 16kHz Sensitivity: 3.0mV/Pa at 1 kHz; 1Pa = 94dB SPL Rated Impedance: 50Ω Rated Load Impedance: 2kΩ Maximum SPL: 162 dB SPL (2kΩ load at 1% THD) Output noise Level: 18dB-A Power Requirement: +48V DC phantom-power Power Consumption: 2.5 mA

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