Blue Dragonfly Class A Descrete Studio Recording Microphone Great for OVERHEADS

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Blue Dragonfly Class A Descrete Studio Recording Microphone
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Fast, maneuverable and beautifully engineered, the Dragonfly employs an innovative design that offers fine tuning and precise placement to please the most discerning recordist, combined with an ease of use that is without equal among contemporary microphones — and at a price that’s considerably less than anything in its class. Winner of both the 2001 TEC Award and an Electronic Musician’s 2001 Editor’s Choice award, the Dragonfly is a unique pressure-gradient cardioid condenser microphone, employing the Blue’s hand-built single-membrane large diaphragm capsule coated with a 6-micron mylar film of pure gold and aluminum. Enclosed within a rotating spherical grille, the capsule can be positioned and adjusted in the smallest spaces. Complete with an integrated elastic shockmount, the microphone’s electronics are based on a class A discrete circuit, with a transformerless output. Its sonic character gives flight to everything from vocals to percussion, electric guitar and bass, as well as more “difficult” sources such as saxophones and stringed instruments.

The Dragonfly Deluxe features gold trim and a deep-green hand-lacquered finish, and comes nestled in its own cherrywood box. The Dragonfly Deluxe is limited to a run of just 275 units, accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.

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Cranberry high-definition microphone cable (recommended)

Type of mic amplifie: Solid State Discrete class A Type of Transducer: Pressure gradient Directional Pattern: Cardioid Frequency Response: 20Hz–20,000 Hz Rated source impedance: 50 ohms Recommended load impedance: not less than 1000 ohms Sensitivity: 20mV/Pa Signal to noise ratio: 69db (related to 1 PA at 1khz) Max. Sound Pressure Level for 0.5% THD: 132db Power Requirements: 48 volt phantom (DIN 45596, IEC8 15) Net weight: 640g Dimensions: 235mm x 45mm Connector: 3 pin XLR-type

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