B-52 ST-6012 Dual 12" 60 Watt all-Tube Combo Amplifier

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B-52 ST 6012 Dual 12" 60 Watt all-Tube Combo Amplifier
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The B-52 ST-6012 60W Tube 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp with Celestion Vintage 30's has a 100% all-tube signal path that combines Sovtek 6L6 power tubes with 12AX7 preamp tubes for solid tube tone and classic breakup. This B-52 combo amp is capable of monstrous gain, extreme distortion, and sparkling clean tones through 2 channels. All those tones are accurately reproduced by a pair of 12" Celestion Vintage 30s with 70W handling. The Clean and Overdrive channels have their own sets of volume and EQ controls (3-band bass, mid, and treble), with 2 gain knobs and an interactive Contour control (Gain 2) on the Overdrive channel.

You can further shape your tone by selecting 3 rectifier settings. The solid-state setting delivers the tightest low-end definition and fastest attack. Tube A gives you a vintage attack and feel with the warmest sound. Tube AB1 is in between the first two: punchy, warm, sound with more definition than Tube A. B-52 made the ST-6012 combo amp roadworthy with 13-ply Baltic birch construction.

B-52 ST-6012 60W Tube 2x12 Guitar Combo Amp with Celestion Vintage 30 s Features:

60W all-tube amplifier 1/4" input jacks 2 - 12" Celestion Vintage 30s (70W handling) Overdrive channel with Gain 1, Gain 2 with contour, 3-band EQ, and volume Clean channel with Volume and 3-band EQ Master volume and Reverb Push switch for channel and gain select Headphones line out Rugged foot switch for channel select, reverb on/off and gain select Effects send and return with level controls Line out with level control Selectable external speaker jacks Ground lift switch Rectifier select switch for Tube A, Tube AB1, or Solid-State 27"W x 21"H x 11"D 73 lbs.

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