Aviom MH10 MH10 Merger Hub

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Aviom MH10 MH10 Merger Hub
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The 10-port MH10 Merger Hub supports parallel connections in a Pro64 audio network. Features Distribute and merge up to 10 Pro64 A-Net streams 10 bidirectional Pro64 A-Net ports (EtherCon connectors) Three channel-routing configurations Supports redundant cable paths Internal universal power supply; IEC power connector

The MH10 Merger Hub is similar to a familiar Ethernet switch, but with features and performance designed specifically for audio applications. The MH10 provides a way to build an audio system with parallel connections without sacrificing the ability to distribute signals bi-directionally throughout an installation. All ten network ports on the MH10 feature heavy duty Neutrik EtherCon connectors.

In an Auto Mode system, the MH10 merges the inputs from all ten ports, ensuring that all 64 channels in the network are distributed back out all ten ports, regardless of the physical location of those inputs. Those 64 channels can be physically located off any combination of the ten ports, even if they go through multiple MH10s.

In a Manual Mode system, the MH10 provides three preset configurations, allowing users to optimize the way each hub point merges and distributes audio channels. Each configuration preserves complete bi-directionality of the system, even as inputs are separated physically off various legs of a hub. The MH10 also provides enhanced cable redundancy for main runs, as in a digital snake.

Multiple MH10 Merger Hubs can be included in

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