.Aviom 6488io Analog Line Level I/O Module

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Aviom 6488io Analog Line Level I/O Module
The 6488io provides eight balanced line-level analog inputs and eight balanced mic- or line-level analog outputs to a Pro64 audio network.

Features 8 balanced line-level analog inputs (XLR) 8 balanced line-level analog thrus (DB25) 8 balanced mic- or line-level analog outputs (XLR) DB25 alternate audio outputs Four gain settings per input channel Three-segment level meter per channel Individual channel activation switches Virtual Data Cable connectivity for GPIO, MIDI, and RS-232 Variable sample rates: 44.1kHz to 192kHz 24-bit A/D converters Internal universal power supply; IEC power connector

The 6488io provides eight balanced line-level analog inputs and eight balanced line- or mic-level analog outputs. Input and output banks are independently configurable, offering maximum flexibility in setting up a Pro64 audio network. Both inputs and outputs feature XLR jack and DB25 multipin connectors.

The input section of the 6488io is modeled after the 6416i, with a four-position gain switch for each channel, individual channel activation switches, and stereo linking for adjacent channel pairs. The output section of the 6488io is drawn from the 6416o, with a two-position output level switch for each channel and individual channel activation switches.

The 6488io is ideally suited for low-channel-count network drops or system expansion. It is the perfect addition to a small post-production room, radio facility, or front-of-house stage send rack.

The versatile 6488io is compatible with all Pro64 Series products, allowing audio networking systems to be designed, scaled, and expanded as needed. All Pro64 products offer the highest fidelity audio technology currently available.

Specifications Channels 8 inputs, 8 outputs Analog XLR Inputs & Outputs Pin 1: Shield; Pin 2: Audio 0; Pin 3: Audio 180 Input Thru DB25 multipin, audio pinout Alternate Audio Outputs DB25 multipin, audio pinout; defeats XLR outputs Operating Level +4dBu Input Impedance 3k Ohms Output Impedance 91 Ohms Input Gain Range: +6, 0, -6, -14 (dB) 4-position switch Maximum Input Level: +18dBu Output Level Range +4dBu, -21dBu 2-position switch Sample Rates (kHz): Three continuous ranges: 40-52kHz: 80-104kHz: 160-208kHz Bit depth is 24-bit Frequency Response: -3dB: 1Hz and 32kHz 0.5dB: 3Hz-22kHz (at 1x sample rate) THD +N: < .0001% Signal to Noise: A/D: -114dB (unweighted) A-Net 2 EtherCon RJ45 connectors Virtual Data Cables: (VDC)

14 VDC Slots available MIDI In, MIDI Out 5-pin DIN RS-232 DB9 connector; DIP switch configuration GPIO In (x4), Out (x4); terminal block connectors; DIP switch configuration; TTL or isolated Power Supply: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz, 24W Internal switching type; IEC connector Dimensions 2U; 19"w x 8"d x 3.5"h (482.6 x 203 x 88 mm) Weight 12 pounds (5.44 kilo)

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