Aviom 6416O Analog Output Module

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Aviom 6416O Analog Output Module
The 6416o provides sixteen balanced mic- or line-level analog outputs from a Pro64 audio network. Features 16 balanced mic- or line-level analog inputs (XLR) DB25 alternate audio outputs Three-segment level meter per channel Individual channel activation switches Virtual Data Cable connectivity for GPIO, MIDI, and RS-232 Variable sample rates: 44.1kHz± to 192kHz± 24-bit A/D converters Internal universal power supply; IEC power connector

The 6416o Output Module provides 16 balanced mic- or line-level analog inputs from a Pro64 system. Each channel includes a two-position output level switch (mic or line) and three-segment level metering. Alternate audio outputs are provided via DB25 multipin connectors on the rear panel.

Each 6416o can be configured to operate within a specified channel/slot range within the Pro64 network, making complex installations easy to configure and manage. Each output channel of a 6416o can be made active as needed.

The Pro64 A-Net network supports three ranges of variable sample rates: 44.1/48kHz±, 96kHz±, and 192kHz±. No matter the sample rate, all 16 output channels on the 6416o are available for use. All audio is streamed at 24-bit resolution with no data compression at any time.

In addition to its audio capabilities, the 6416o also includes the innovative Virtual Data Cables™ for simultaneously distributing up to 14 channels of non-audio control data such as MIDI, RS-232, and GPIO to any device on the Pro64 network. Every Pro64 I/O module comes with its own set of VDC™ ports that can be individually configured.

The 6416o can be used anywhere analog outputs are required: on stage or FOH in a digital snake, in the studio, or in even the most complex audio networks. Adding a digital split to a system is a simple as connecting an additional 6416o.

Specifications Channels: 16 outputs Line-level XLR Outputs: Pin 1: Shield; Pin 2: Audio 0°; Pin 3: Audio 180° Impedence balanced data on + only Alternate Audio Outputs: DB25 multipin (x2); analog audio pinout; only one set of outputs can be used at a time Operating Level: +4dBu Output Impedance: 91 Ohms Output Level Range: +4dBu, -21dBu 2-position switch A/D Sample Rates (kHz): Three continuous ranges: 40-52kHz: 80-104kHz: 160-208kHz Bit depth is 24-bit Frequency Response: -3dB: 1Hz and 32kHz ±0.5dB: 3Hz-22kHz (at 1x sample rate) THD +N: < .0001% Signal to Noise: A/D: -114dB (unweighted) A-Net: 2 EtherCon RJ45 connectors Virtual Data Cables: (VDC™) 14 VDC Slots available MIDI In, MIDI Out 5-pin DIN RS-232 DB9 connector; DIP switch configuration GPIO In (x4), Out (x4); terminal block connectors; DIP switch configuration; TTL or isolated A-Net: 2 EtherCon RJ45 connectors A-Net cable length: 500 feet (150 meters) between devices Power Supply: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz, 24W Internal switching type; IEC connector Dimensions: 2U: 19"w x 8"d x 3.5"h (482.6 x 203 x 88 mm) Weight: 12 pounds (5.44 kilo)

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