Ashly PF-6250 Powerflex-Series Amplifiers

Ashly PF-6250 Powerflex-Series Amplifiers
Product Details Powerflex multi-channel amplifiers use a state of the art, high-speed MOSFET switching design with spread spectrum switching technology. This technology provides uncompromised power with exceptional efficiency and superior audio fidelity. As the name implies, Powerflex amplifiers satisfy many audio applications without compromising performance, all in a 3RU package weighing 46 lbs. Four models are available and are specifically designed to drive low impedance or 70 volt loads.

The Powerflex-4400 and -6250 shown on this page are four- and six-channel amplifiers designed for low impedance applications. Channels may be used as individual, independent power amplifiers with more than enough power to satisfy nominal audio applications, or they may be bridged in pairs for applications requiring higher power. Additionally, the Powerflex 6250 has been designed to drive six 25 volt or three independent 70 volt loads without the need of external transformers.

Each channel has a switchable high pass filter on each pair of inputs and level controls located on the rear panel. Input connections are XLR/1/4 and euroblock. Output connections are 5 -Way binding post. A quiet three-speed fan provides front to rear on-demand cooling.

Applications include: any multichannel power amplification application, monitor amp, small FOH system amp, paging systems, cinema systems, boardroom audio applications, multiple zone restaurant, bar, theme park or auditorium and DJ systems.

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