Ashley PE-800 Power Amplifiers

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Ashley PE-800 Power Amplifiers
PE Series (Protea Enabled) amplifiers are high-power, high-efficiency, lightweight amplifiers incorporating the latest in power and control technologies. Each amplifier can be controlled and monitored through the built-in Ethernet port using Proteane Software™. Proteane gives users access to many features, including: input attenuation, channel mute, channel polarity, input level, output voltage, output current, clipping, temperature, and power on/off.

Protea Enabled? By adding Ashly’s Protea DSP technology and control to an amplifier, we have designed a comprehensive and easy to use audio system. With the introduction of the PE Series amplifiers, we’ve taken Protea technology to the next level. Proteane Software allows you to setup, control and monitor PE Series amplifiers using standard, inexpensive, readily-available Ethernet hardware. Nothing proprietary here! Control anywhere from one to hundreds of amps, as well as your Protea Series processors, on- or off-site with our intuitive and friendly Proteane Software.

There are six models of PE Series amplifiers, all of which share the same PE feature set, that cover a wide range of power requirements from 400W to 1900W per channel @4 ohms. Each utilizes a 2-stage high-efficiency switched mode power supply, which provides a high-power-to-weight ratio. All are two rack units high and weigh less than 24lbs! All models will drive 2, 4 or 8 ohm loads.

Input connections are via XLR-1/4” Neutrik combo connectors and 6-pin Euroblock. XLR male connectors are also provided for looping to additional amplifiers. Output connectors are locking Neutrik Speakon (NL-4) on all models and 4 position screw terminal strip with safety cover on models 800 and 1200.

Each PE Series amplifier provides on-board analog processing, including a selectable subsonic filter, a selectable clip-limiter and an input-sensitivity selector, which can optimize the amplifier for load and the many devices that can drive it. Plus, we’ve included an array of output current and temp indicators to monitor various operating parameters. It’s easy to tell at a glance, for example, the status of the load being driven (i.e. “are my drivers working?”). The PE Series also provides DC voltage control of the calibrated Input attenuators, which makes it a snap to control volume from remote locations, and Remote Power Turn-on/-off with sequential power on/off circuitry built right into the amplifier.

Option Cards Need more? Proteane DSP Cards can be installed as needed. Their SHARC 32-bit/96kHz processor enables 24-bit AD/DA, analog and digital (AES3) inputs. Each offers two additional processed output channels to drive additional amplifier channels. Our current DSP library includes Graphic, Parametric, Notch and Shelving Equalization, High-, Low- and All-Pass Filters (HPF/LPF/APF) with up to 48dB/Octave slopes, Delay, Compressor/Limiter, Gate, Gain, Signal Generators (sinewave, white and pink noise) and Matrix Routing.

Go Mobile! Proteane mobile is a software application enabling you wireless control of PE-Series amplifiers and the DSP-1 and DSP-2 Option Cards for the PE-Series amplifiers.

70 Volt The PE-2400, PE-3000 and PE-3800 are capable of driving 70 Volt systems. Power specifications are: PE-2400: 1200W per channel, PE-3000: 1500W per channel and PE-3800: 1700W per channel.

Ashly has long believed that the secret to great sound and reliability is intelligent design and meticulous execution. Our PE Series takes that philosophy and multiplies it ten-fold. Optimized for cool operation, modularity, ultimate compatibility and maximum performance, the PE Series is the amplifier line you’ve been waiting for.

When your next project requires high performance amplifiers with superb sound, reliability, remote control and more, Ashly Audio’s PE Series of remote-controlled power amplifiers have been designed to meet the needs of both portable and installation applications

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