Art XL231 Dual 31 Band Graphic Equalizer

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Art XL231 Dual 31 Band Graphic Equalizer
This flagship EQ was created to be precise and flexible, with the quality components and innovative features necessary for professional audio performance. The XL231 filter sets utilize precision 1% resistors and 2% capacitors. The active gain elements used throughout are all ultra low noise, and low distortion, resulting in a total dynamic range specification of >=123dB. Rugged construction make these equalizers suited for touring live-sound systems as well as for fixed installations where their detachable Euroblock interface connectors come in handy.

The XL231 features ART's two knob Low and High Trim filter set. Each control applies a gentle upward or downward slope to the overall frequency response. The Low and High Trim controls affect frequencies below and above 1KHz, respectively. These controls are useful for making subtle adjustments to the overall sound after the room has been "rung" out for feedback nodes. You can easily fine tune the lows and highs as they change over time resulting from changes in audience size, and/or atmospheric conditions such as temperature and humidity which will affect high frequency absorption, (technically referred to as adiabatic absorption compensation).

The XL231 additionally features a narrowband Enhanced Cut Mode with --18dB cut capability for notching particularly difficult feedback nodes without adversely affecting adjacent frequencies.


Each individual filter band in an XL231 equalizer has a precision center frequency and constant Q response which is narrow enough to prevent unnecessary interaction between filters according to the company. These filter sets utilize an interleaved summing topology to further reduce adjacent band interaction, assuring rapid and accurate room tuning. The XL213 utilizes 45mm, metal shaft, oil-damped precision slide potentiometers for extremely accurate and smooth operation, and they feature grounded centertapped resistive elements providing a true low noise, flat zero setting.

XL231 equalizers provide automatic relay bypass of audio, an essential function if power to the unit is lost. They also utilize a variable input level control, 10 segment LED level indicators with Peak Hold and clip indicator, Toroidal Power Transformer with selectable AC line voltage. Additional features include RFI filtering, selectable Scale Switching - higher slider resolution 6(-9 in enhanced cut mode)dB - or normal slider resolution 12(-18 in enhanced cut mode)dB, active balanced input/output XLR and Euroblock connectors. The XL231 contains high voltage (40V) internal circuitry thereby allowing it to effortlessly drive long lines with signal to spare, while also providing wider dynamic range for your system overall.

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