Art TubePAC Tube Preamplifier & Optical Tube Compressor

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Art TubePAC Tube Preamplifier & Optical Tube Compressor
The Tube PAC from ART is a combination of the world’s most popular tube mic/line preamplifier and optical tube compressor. ART engineers took the Tube MP and Tube Compressor and combined them into a single convenient aircraft-quality, extruded aluminum chassis. This new table-top design allows for easy placement in the studio or on the stage with immediate access to all the controls, features, and metering. In addition to being a tremendous vocal and instrument preamplifier and compressor package, this may well be the ultimate in tube direct boxes! The mic/line preamplifier stage is that of the TEC nominated Tube MP–a time (and studio) proven design. It provides over 70dB of gain, +48v phantom power, phase reversal, and is capable of warming up any instrument or microphone. LED level indicators are provided to monitor the output of a 12AX7a tube for harmonic content. The input level controls allows you to dial in the desired amount of tube warmth and then independently set the output level from the compressor circuitry. The tube compressor is a VCA-less, optical design–similar to that of the “classic” tube compressors. Its ultra-musical sound is ideal for voice and instrument applications. Threshold, compression/limiting ratios, adjustable release times, bypass, gain reduction metering, and output gain controls are provided.

Tube PAC - Tube Mic Preamp/Compressor Features Combination Tube Mic/Line Preamplifier and Tube Compressor Two Hand-Selected 12AX7a Vacuum Tubes World Famous A R T Sound Two World-Class Designs in One Chassis: TEC Nominated Tube MP and Optical Tube Compressor The Ultimate Tube DI Box for instruments Fat and Warm Gain with Musical Dynamics Control Precision Detented Potentiometers +48v Phantom Power Bypassable Compressor Circuitry Balanced XLR and Unbalanced 1/4" Inputs and Outputs Internal Transformer Aircraft-Quality Extruded Aluminum Chassis One Year Warranty

Attack Time 6.5ms CMRR 90dB (typical) Compression Ratio 2.3:1 (comp) 6:1 (lim) Dimensions 5.25" D x 8.5" W x 1.65" H Dynamic Range >90dB (no weighting) Equivalent Input Noise -129dBu (XLR to XLR, ‘A’ weighted) Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz Input Impedance 1.67k ohms (XLR), 1M ohm (1/4") Maximum Gain 67dB (1/4" to 1/4") Maximum Gain XLR to XLR 70dB Maximum Input Level +15dBu (XLR), +21dBu (1/4") Maximum Output Level +27dBu (XLR), +22dBu (1/4") Output Impedance 600 ohms (XLR), 300 ohms (1/4") Phantom Power +48v DC (switchable) Power Requirements 100-125 VAC, 16W (Export units configured for country of destination) Release Time 200ms (fast), 70ms-1sec (auto) Total Harmonic Distortion <0.1% (typical) Tubes Two Hand-Selected 12AX7a Weight 6.0 lbs

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