Art Tube MPPS Single Channel Tube Preamplifiers

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Art Tube MPPS Single Channel Tube Preamplifiers
The Tube MP is the world's most popular external tube microphone preamp. Whether you're working with a digital, computer or analog recording system, the Tube MP's TEC award nominated design will allow you to obtain professional recording studio results at a fraction of the cost of comparable equipment. Now it's available in a portable version! The Tube MP ps employs ART's hybrid design that allows it to add warmth and fatness to a signal while maintaining exceptionally low-noise and high quality. While its primary application is to be used with a microphone, the Tube MP ps is an exceptional direct box - impedance matching, amplifying, and improving the sound of any instrument plugged into it.

The usage of external mic/line preamps has become increasingly popular over the past several years. The Tube MP ps offers superior performance and sound quality to the "onboard" preamps found in many low-cost mixers and multi-trackers. Its sound has been consistently favored over other products costing upwards to ten times its price. The Tube MP ps offers professional quality sound combined with pro features like a hand-selected 12AX7a tube, phantom power, and phase reverse. For a minimal investment, a Tube MP ps can provide the single largest improvement to the sound of your studio.

ART Tube MP ps Portable Preamp/DI Features:

Extremely low noise discrete front end

Up to 70dB of clean, "musical" gain

High-output signal drive capability

Fast FET limiter to prevent overload

Switch selectable input impedance

Precision LED metering

Built-in low noise phantom power supply

Compact, stackable all aluminum chassis

XLR and 1/4" inputs and outputs

Phase invert switch

Variable input and output controls

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