Art TPSII Two Channel Tube Preamplifiers

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Art TPSII Two Channel Tube Preamplifiers
On a tight budget? You'd be hard-pressed to find anything that sounds better than the TPS II. It features ART's Variable Valve Voicing, with optimized reference points to record guitars, basses, percussion, vocals, and more. It also features variable input impedance to let you match any mic from large condensers to ribbons.

The TPS II (Tube Preamp System 2) is a 2-channel high performance preamp that's as versatile as it is affordable. It makes a great addition to any project or professional studio. The flexible TPS II features ART's proprietary V3 (Variable Valve Voicing) technology, and it also provides variable input impedance, which lets you dial in and match any mic type from large condensers to ribbons. The TPSII's legendary tube stage maintains the classic "warm sound" and adds additional tube voicing specifically tailored to vocal, guitar, bass, and acoustic instruments, making the TPS II an incredible DI box. ART's OPL (Output Protection Limiting) feature is also included to control overshoots and normalize levels before clipping occurs.

ART TPSII 2-channel Preamp Features:

Tube preamp with classic warm sound

Variable Valve Voicing lets you dial in amount of tube character

Variable input impedance to tune in to your microphone

Hi-Z instrument input for DI use

Output Protection Limiting controls overshoots and normalizes levels without clipping

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