Art TCS Twin Compressor System

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Art TCS Twin Compressor System
The dual-channel TCS compression system features two types of compression per channel utilizing ART's Dual Topology technology. On one hand you can choose from optical compression, like that in ART's Pro VLA, for smooth transparent compression. On the other hand you might want to use a VCA-based compression scheme for hard limiting. You get both of these compression methods underneath the hood of this single space rack unit. Taking it even one step further, the TCS offers the breakthrough feature of stacking the VCA and the opto isolator for when you want that over the top compression, or a hard VCA limiter on your optical compressed channels. TCS features ART's famous V3 technology, plus the ability to twist the V3 knob to a variety of settings that take some of the hassle out of compression, yet still allowing each setting to be tweaked to the material's needs.

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