Art MPAGold Two Channel Tube Preamplifiers

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Art MPAGold Two Channel Tube Preamplifiers
professional tube microphone preamplifier is defined by warmth, presence and clarity - core elements which make a performance truly come alive. Sister to the ART Digital MPA, the ART MPA Gold performs to incredibly high standards, with a tone, functionality and performance that will satisfy even the most discerning user.

Like the Digital MPA, the ART MPA Gold features Variable Input Impedance to optimize the ART MPA Gold for the widest range of microphones. Variation of the input impedance of a mic preamplifier changes the load against which the microphone has to push. This variation dramatically alters the performance of a mic, and creates numerous sonic possibilities for microphone performance. The variable impedance control of the ART MPA Gold is infinitely variable, as opposed to steps, allowing you much finer control over the tuning of the impedance.

The selectable Tube Plate Voltage function delivers a wide variety of tones. The tube circuit is differential, and provides the equivalent of a 300V power supply on the high voltage setting. Not to mention it has very low distortion and noise. The normal setting maintains ART's classic tube sound - warm with smooth overload characteristics.

The ART MPA Gold's unique tube circuitry utilizes two 12AX7A vacuum tubes and renders unsurpassed sonic detail and clarity with the broadest range of microphones. The 12AX7A tube preamp section provides gain while maintaining the incredible dynamic range of the previous stage and controlled overload characteristics.

Condenser microphones, ribbon microphones, dynamic microphones - new and vintage - all become more versatile and deliver their maximum performance when they interact with the ART MPA Gold's Variable Input Impedance. You'll discover that your microphones will sound better than ever.

In addition to the VU meters, the ART MPA Gold has Tube Warmth LED Metering which measures the left and right audio channel levels. The meters act like a normal histogram for the average signal level and the display holds the highest LED on alone for one second. While the average level function attack and release are measured in milliseconds, the peak function has a 20 microsecond attack time. Additionally, the analog meter range is switchable between -10dB and +4dBU. The ART MPA Gold's High Pass Filter is continuously variable from 15Hz to 150Hz. Many other preamps have a fixed switch. This makes the ART MPA Gold a more flexible audio processor.

The ART MPA Gold is truly a modern, world-class tube microphone preamplifier, and its audio performance will surely exceed your expectations.

ART MPA Gold Features:

Variable Input Impedance For Flexible Microphone Voicing (150 Ohms to 3000 Ohms)

Selectable Tube Plate Voltage

Large VU Meters with Range Switch

Tube Warmth LED Meter

Improved Discrete Class A Input Microphone Preamplifier

Lower Noise At Low Gains, Wider Frequency Response and Lower THD Than the Pro MPA

Front Accessible Instrument Input Jack With Very High Input Impedance

Automatically Switches To Instrument Input When You Plug In

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