Art DMPA Two Channel Tube Preamplifiers

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Art DMPA Two Channel Tube Preamplifiers
The Art Digital MPA's unique tube circuitry utilizes two 12AX7A vacuum tubes and renders unsurpassed sonic detail and clarity with the broadest range of microphones. The 12AX7A tube preamplification section of the Digital MPA provides gain while maintaining the incredible dynamic range of the previous stage and controlled overload characteristics. The selectable tube plate voltage function of the Digital MPA delivers a wide variety of tones. The tube circuit is differential, and provides the equivalent of a 300V power supply on the high voltage setting. Not to mention the Digital MPA has very low distortion and noise. The normal setting maintains ART's classic tube sound (warm with smooth overload characteristics).

Take advantage of the Art Digital MPA's world class processing via the analog and digital outputs. AES/EBU, S/PDIF. TOSLINK, and ADAT interfaces allow connection to the broadest range equipment. The Art Digital MPA provides 24 bit or it can adapt to 16 bit applications with the push of a button. The A/D is front panel adjustable from 44.1 to 96K or syncs to ADAT or external word clock (32KHZ to 100KHz).

The Art Digital MPA also features Variable Input Impedance. Variable Input Impedance is intended to optimize the Digital MPA for the widest range of microphones. Variation of the input impedance of a preamplifier changes the load against the microphone which dramatically alters it's perfomance, and creates numerous sonic possibilities. The variable impedance control of the ARt Digital MPA is infinitely variable, as opposed to steps. This allows users much finer control over the tuning of the impedance.

Condenser microphones, ribbon microphones, dynamic microphones - new and vintage - all become more versatile and deliver their maximum performance when they interact with the Art Digital MPA's Variable Input Impedance. You'll discover that your microphones will sound better than ever.

Art Digital MPA Features:

Variable Input Impedance For Flexible Microphone Voicing (150 Ohms to 3000 Ohms).

Selectable Tube Plate Voltage

Large VU Meters and Peak-Hold LED Meters

Metering Switchable Between Output Level and Tube Warmth

Improved Discrete Class A Input Microphone Preamplifier

Lower Noise At Low Gains, Wider Frequency Response and Lower THD Than Pro MPA

Front Accessible Instrument Input Jack With Very High Input Impedance

Automatically Switches To Instrument Input When You Plug In

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