Art 416 Six Channel Rack Mixer

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Art 416 Six Channel Rack Mixer
The Model 416 Six Channel Personal Mixer quickly and easily combines six sources - three microphones (or balanced line inputs) and three stereo line inputs into a single stereo line-level mix. It has effects patching and phantom power (included to activate condenser microphones or active DI boxes).

The 416 is designed and engineered to be durable and rugged, and is an ideal choice when the need for quality audio processing is of paramount concern. The unit is designed for mounting in a standard 19" equipment rack.

Three XLR balanced mic /line inputs with separate volume controls

Three sets of RCA stereo inputs with separate volume controls

Selectable phantom power for each mic channel

Two-band master EQ

1/4" effects send with stereo returns

Effects loop level control with bypass switch

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