Apogee Rosetta-200portable 96k Mic Preamp/Converter

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Apogee Rosetta-200 Portable 96k Mic Preamp/Converter
The Rosetta 200, Apogee’s successor to the PSX-100 and Rosetta AD namesake, delivers the quality of the popular Rosetta 800, in a 2-channel AD/DA solution. Like the Rosetta 800, the 200 features premium Apogee A/D and D/A conversion, 192k sampling rates (standard), optional Pro Tools HD, Mix and FireWire expansion cards and core Apogee technologies such as UV22HR, and SoftLimit. And while the Rosetta 200 shares much of its feature set with its cousin, it throws in some irresistible extras such as the new, CODA, Audio Finishing Module, full channel metering, and MIDI and S/PDIF input and output. Flexibility and features galore make the Rosetta 200 an outstanding option for professional and project studios, mastering engineers, and audio archivists.

Legendary Apogee Conversion in High-Definition The most crucial component in the digital recording environment is high-quality A/D conversion and the most trusted and desirable converters are made by Apogee. With up to 192k sample rates, the ROSETTA 200 combines Apogee’s legendary conversion quality with flexibility that complements any digital audio workstation.

The all new CODA: Audio Finishing Module, including the Aptomizer, Sample Rate Conversion (SRC), and UV22HR As higher definition audio becomes ever-present in the recording process and music continues to be delivered as a product at 44.1kHz/16-bit you need tools to minimize the loss of detail and quality that can be inherent in the course of music production.

To meet these challenges Apogee has developed CODA. Unique to the Rosetta 200, CODA offers a trio of tools that will preserve the integrity of hi-def recordings with a minimal loss of quality. Heading up the CODA threesome is Apogee’s “Aptomizer”. With the Apotimizer you can maximize levels with out increasing noise and distortion. Great for recording, and mastering, the Apotimizer’s “Learn” mode allows the Rosetta 200 to automatically determine the optimum level, and use it consistently to normalize incoming audio. Another aspect of CODA is premium sample rate conversion (SRC). In the past, Apogee hardware has not offered sample rate conversion because the results were disappointing but recent advances have made SRC a viable option and now a vital part of CODA. With Apogee’s implementation of sample rate conversion you can up or down sample without noticeably affecting the quality of your audio. Apogee’s "UV22HR" dithering technology completes the CODA triangle by offering powerful reduction of high-resolution digital audio to 16 bits for the Internet and CD mastering. It is estimated that UV22HR is used on 8 out of 10 commercially released CDs in the U.S. The Rosetta 200 with CODA on board provides an end-to-end solution for capturing and optimizing high definition digital.

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