Apogee DA 16-X Firewire HDSeries Channel Converter

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Apogee DA 16-X Firewire HDSeries Channel Converter

Apogee’s new AD-16 is a 16-channel 24-bit A/D converter, operating at sample rates up to 96 kHz. The system offers ADAT optical output for compatibility with a wide range of digital audio systems, and can sync to word clock (using the same powerful 2-stage reclocking system utilized in the DA-16 "IntelliDAC", or its own internal high-stability clock. Word Clock output is also provided.

Features such as a redesigned power supply, standard 192kHz sampling rates, the C777 clocking technology found in Big Ben, and optional Pro Tools HD and FireWire expansion cards, make the AD & DA-16X the most powerful and flexible conversion combination ever. And, not only does the X-Series hardware offer unequaled, groundbreaking technology but it makes it available at a fraction of the cost associated with previous, premium Apogee gear.

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