Aphex Option 1 AES-EBU I-O Module

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Aphex Option 1 AES-EBU I-O Module
The 2020MkIII has eight factory presets and 16 user definable presets. All operating parameters can be modified and saved in a user preset. Day parting can be programmed for up to 4 changes of presets per day. In addition, each day of the week can be programmed to have its own day parting schedule of presets.

The basic unit has flat (no pre-emphasis) processing with analog I/O. Option 1 adds AES/EBU digital I/O. Option 2 adds a pre-emphasis limiter and low pass filter. Option 3 adds the pre-emphasis limiter, low pass filter and PPDM stereo generator. Option 4 adds an Ultra-precision oven-controlled crystal oscillator to option 3.



Day and day of week Parting Dual mono operation configurable RDS direct interface Selectable L / R linking - none, elastic, hard Adjustable pilot level Split band clipper - Phase coherent crossover Headphone Input / Output monitor Remotely and Locally controllable

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