Aphex 9721 Dominator ll Module

Aphex 9721 Dominator ll Module
The Dominator II is a single channel Multiband Peak Limiter with zero overshoot which acts like a "brick wall". Once the PEAK CEILING is set, there is no higher amplitude in the output. Awareness of headroom limitations and the price of exceeding those limitations is important for any audio application and critical for most (especially digital). The Dominator II allows the user to work confidently, creatively, and quickly by freeing the user from the fear of peak overload.

In addition to providing peak protection, the Dominator II may be used to gain greater loudness. Compared to conventional limiters, the Dominator Ii will provide at least 3 to 6 dB greater loudness with higher sound quality.

Providing this "brick wall" and loudness, while retaining complete fidelity, is the art and science of the Dominator II.


For Aphex Modular System Model 9000 Series Rack or compatible dbx 900 Series rack

Absolute "Brick Wall" peak protection without pumping or spectral gain intermodulation

Peak Ceiling adjustable in 1dB steps over a 22dB range

102 dB dynamic range (5 times better than 16 bit digital)

Linkable for stereo operation

On board switchable pre- and de-emphasis

Detented controls

Relay bypass - remote controllable

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