Aphex 9301A Compellor Module

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Aphex 9301A Compellor Module
Description The 9301A is an Compellor Compressor / Leveler / Limiter module which installs in one space of the Aphex Model 9000 rack or compatible dbx 900 series rack. The Aphex Compellor® is recognized as one of the more vital tools of the professional audio engineer. As with all Aphex Compellor® products, the 9301delivers intelligent compressor action, leveling, and peak limiting simultaneously. Patented control circuits include analog computers that continuously analyze the input signal and vary the control characteristics. This provides for virtually undetectable operation, regardless of the dynamics of the program.

Extremely easy to use, you only need to set the drive level to generate the desired amount of processing, set the Process Balance control between leveling and compression and adjust the Output level for unity gain. The Model 9301A is then ready to provide complete dynamic control - smooth, inaudible compression, increased system gain, desired program density and the freedom from constant "gain riding" - fully automatically! Its unique circuit design actually enhances transient qualities, thus making even heavy processing undetectable.

This intelligent, versatile, and highly affordable processor can be used to solve numerous problems and improve audio signals in a wide range of applications.

A significant improvement in the Model 9301A over its predecessor (Model 9301) is the addition of a newly developed (patent pending) Frequency Discriminate Leveler (FDL) circuit. FDL eliminates this problem of "bass pullback" by allowing low frequency transients to trigger a slower attack time on the initial transient. High frequency leveling is still controlled within the attack time determined by the onboard computer.

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