Aphex 9251 Aural Exciter Module

Aphex 9251 Aural Exciter Module
Aphex 9251 Aural Exciter Module

Thspace of the Aphex Model 9000 rack or compatible dbx 900 series rack.e 9251 is an Aural Exciter module which installs in one

The Aural Exciter is an audio processor that provides many benefits to the user, including greatly improved presence and intelligibility without altering any other part of the audio system.

"SPR" (Spectral Phase Refractor) restores bass clarity and punch without any increase in amplitude by adjusting the phase relationshippf the fundamentals to the harmonics.

The "Drive" control of previous Aural Exciters has been eliminated. Adjustable Harmonics mixing generates a consistent amount of harmonics over a wide dynamic range.


The audio reproduction process is far from perfect, even under the best of circumstances. Every step causes some degradation of the audio signal. What is happening involves the loss of some of the harmonics or overtones of the sound, the fragile parts that give it intelligibility. Equalizers cannot restore clarity and realism because they can only work on what's left of the original sound, often increasing noise and distortion in the attempt.

Although the initial impression of the Aural Exciter is often that it is some form of EQ, a comparison soon proves the difference. Equalizers are a static, fixed process, and they cannot boost what is no longer there. Equalizers can also add considerable power to the amplifier output, possibly causing amplifier clipping, speaker damage, ear fatigue and/or increased reverberation.

The Aural Exciter is a dynamic process that actually recreates the missing harmonic material and adds it back in the form of a very small cue signal. Because the enhancement signal is so small, it adds little power to the audio signal. It is easily reproduced, even by low quality systems, and is not affected by acoustic problems, such as "dead zones" or reverberant fields. Because the harmonics or overtones created are derived from the main signal and are musically and dynamically related, the result is very natural and pleasing to the ear, and sounds "correct"..

Aural Exciter is a proprietary process, patented worldwide and cannot be duplicated by any other means than a genuine Aural Exciter.

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