Aphex 9001PS Power Supply For Aphex Modules

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Aphex 9001PS Power Supply For Aphex Modules
As is commonly known, quality audio processing starts with enough current headroom (available current for musical peaks!) to supply the most extreme audio swings on demand. With the wide variety of processing modules available for the 9000 Series, it might be necessary to calculate the current consumption of your modules to make sure that the audio quality is not compromised by the limits of the power supply.

The Aphex model 9000PS supplies 15V at 3A (2 Rack Units)

The Aphex model 9001PS supplies 15V at 3A and 24V at 1.5A for use with dbx modules (2 RU) The Aphex model 9005PS supplies 15V at 5A (3 RU)

Add up the current consumption for the modules you intend to use using the planner below. Please note the Aphex Model 9000 rack has 11 available slots

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