Aphex 8126 1X6 D. A. Module

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Aphex 8126 1X6 D. A. Module
The "Aural Exciter" is a dynamic process that recreates missing harmonic material lost to general degradation of the audio signal as it passes through any audio system and adds it back in the form of a very small cue signal. Because the enhancement signal is so small, it adds little power to the audio signal.

The module slides into a free slot in the 9000 rack and is secured using two integrated screws. Power for the module and the input and output are derived from the rack itself.

Key Features

"Aural Exciter" module for the Aphex Modular System Model 9000 series rack or compatible dbx 900 series rack

"SPR" (Spectral Phase Refractor) restores bass clarity and punch without any increase in amplitude by adjusting the phase relationshippf the fundamentals to the harmonics

Applications include recording studio tracking and mixdown, sound reinforcement, film and video, AM and FM broadcast and sampling

Adjustable harmonics mixing

Solo function for effects return mixing

Operates with I/O levels from -10dBV to +8dBm

Operated balanced or unbalanced automatically

All switches have LED status indication

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