Aphex 622 Logic Assited Expander-Gate

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Aphex 622 Logic Assited Expander-Gate
The Model 120 is a high performance audio distribution amplifier with a single high impedance input and four low impedance outputs, all electronically servo-balanced. The 120's transformerless circuits are designed for wide, flat frequency response free from ringing or overshoot, making it ideal for distribution of SMPTE time code as well as audio. Each output has its own amplifier and level control for maximum versatility and isolation. The sturdy steel chassis may be used stand-alone or rackmounted, singly or in pairs.

FEATURES APPLICATIONS Servo-Balanced input and outputs Radio and TV broadcasting Individual output level controls Press feeds Wide bandwidth and dynamic range Sound Reinforcement Compact 1/2 rack steel package Dubbing facilities Cost Effective Tape duplication facilities Sonically transparent Recording studios +25dBm output level into 600 Ohms Telephone line driver Short-circuit proof Mobile Radio and TV units Fully RF protected Post production facilities Recessed output level controls

PERFORMANCE The 120 was designed to be as transparent as possible. This means wide, flat frequency response, excellent transient reproduction and a dynamic range surpassing digital. This allows the 120 to be used in the most critical applications, as well as distributing SMPTE time code if necessary. Compact, rugged package provides maximum shielding and is equally at home on the ground in a location shoot or mounted in a studio's rack.

INPUT The input circuit is a true instrumentation type, adjusted for good common-mode rejection. Servo-balancing compensates for high common-mode voltages, so headroom isn't sacrificed. The high input impedance allows bridging of the input signal with minimum loading. This way several amplifiers can be easily driven from the source. The input circuit is fully RF protected. OUTPUTS The individual output amplifiers are very low impedance so long lines and capacitive loads are easily driven with no loss of stability or high frequency response. Servo-balancing permits the outputs to be used single-ended at any time without a change in gain by simply grounding the unused pin. Individual output level controls are recessed for bump-proof operation, yet can be easily adjusted without tools. Each output is RF protected and fully short-circuit proof with a front panel clip indicator. APPLICATIONS The 120 will find use in a wide variety of applications, including TV and radio broadcast, production and post production, recording studios, tape duplication and dubbing stages anywhere a high quality, reliable signal distribution system is required.

SPECIFICATIONS - Aphex Model 120A Servo-Balanced Distribution Amp AUDIO Frequency Response 5Hz - 100 kHz (+0, -0.5dB) Dynamic Range 94 dB Hum and Noise Better than -90 dBm at unity gain THD 0.002% @ +4dBm, 0.005% @ +20dBm IMD 0.002% @ +10dBm Channel Isolation > 70dB Slew Rate 13 V/usec INPUT Connector XLR 3-pin Female Type Transformerless, differential servo balanced Impedance 100k ohms balanced Maximum Level +25 dBm CMRR (typical) > 45 dB OUTPUT Connector XLR 3-pin Male Impedance 65 ohms Maximum Level +25dBm into 600 ohms balanced, +21dBm unbalanced Output Gain Range 15 dB

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