Aphex 207D Tube Mic/Instrument Preamp

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Aphex 207D Tube Mic/Instrument Preamp
The Model 207D is an affordable, audiophile quality tube mic preamp that meets or exceeds the performance of preamps costing many times more. The Model 207D will reveal the subtlety and power of vintage condensers, ribbons, electrets, and popular dynamic mics. Even the world's most respected microphones will sound better. Plus, with its AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital outputs and Word Clock connection, the Model 207D offers direct digital connection throughout your signal chain, with up to 96kHz sampling rates.

The instrument inputs also are quieter and have more gain, than conventional instrument preamps. The MicLimT circuitry, previously only available in our flagship Model 1100 2 channel and Model 1788 8 channel mic preamps, makes the Model 207D virtually crashproof - making it a perfect front end for digital recorders.

By combining the best traits of tube and solid state circuitry, the Model 207D captures a sound that is warmer, fuller and more true to life. Whether you are recording, mixing live, broadcasting or webcasting, the signal has to travel a long journey before its final delivery. So give your sound a great start with the Aphex Model 207D Tube Mic/Instrument Preamp with Digital Outputs.

BENEFITS Dramatically improves microphone performance Greater dynamic range and frequency response Dramatically improves instrument performance Fuller, more realistic sound Improved Detail and Intelligibility Record hotter tracks with the highest possible resolution Tighter lows; clearer up-front mids; Strong highs without edginess MicLim™ offers up to a 20dB increase in dynamic range and makes the Model 207D virtually crashproof Direct connection to digital mixers, DAW's and other digital equipment

FEATURES Two independent low noise channels of tube amplification AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital outputs with up to 96k sampling rates Microphone and Instrument inputs on each channel MicLim™ on each channel Mic Input: 20 to 65dB of continuously variable gain Instrument Input: -infinity to 65dB of continuously variable gain Switchable 48 volt Phantom Power with ramp up feature Delayed Turn On Polarity, 20 dB pad and Low Cut Filter switches LED Headroom Meter Display for each channel Switchable -10 dBv / +4 dBu operating level Balanced 3-pin and 1/4" TRS Inputs and Outputs Internal Switch Mode Power Supply

PROPRIETARY CIRCUITRY MicLim™ provides up to 20 dB of gain reduction. It is a custom designed optical attenuator, located directly on the mic input line that smoothly limits the microphone's output signal according to the MicLim peak detector's control current. Since attenuation comes prior to preamplification, the patented MicLim can increase the Model 207's effective headroom by up to 20 dB. MicLim detects the preamp's output signal and instructs the input attenuator to proportionately reduce the microphone's output level just enough to prevent clipping. MicLim has no effect at all when the preamp's output level is not approaching clipping.

Reflected Plate Amplifier™ The patented RPA is a true vacuum tube circuit which has all the desired characteristics without the heat, fragility, sonic variability, short life and high frequency roll-off of conventional tube designs.


Delayed Turn-On - The power LED glows orange while the Tube circuit is stabilized and all DC is eliminated (ensuring no turn on thump which can seriously harm loudspeakers). When the LED turns green the Model 207 is ready for optimum performance. Switch Mode Power Supply - this internal power supply will automatically adjust to any line voltage making the 207 an excellent choice for touring applications: no switches to throw, no jumpers to remember to set, etc.

For Recording Microphones and Instruments The Model 207D will capture the subtleties of voices and instruments that are missed by the inexpensive mic preamps fpund in most audio consoles, DAW's and other standalone preamps. This detail, dimension and space will greatly improve the overall "sound" of your recordings. With this improvement in realism comes an enhanced presence allowing for easier placement in the final mix. For recording instruments a typical mono tube direct box (DI) sells for about the price of a model 207 — and we'll give you two great DI's plus two great mmic preamps, more useful features and Aphex quality all in one box! MicLim allows you to utilize every last bit of digital resolution for the most dynamic recordings possible.

For Live Sound, Touring PA, and Fixed Installations The 207D can bring anything miked up out of the mix by greatly improving detail and presence. Vocals and instruments will have a noticeable improvement in clarity and depth when switched to a Model 207. The Switch Mode power supply offers stable performance even with unstable mains voltages. MicLim eliminates those desperate lunges over the mixing desk to trim back overloaded preamps.

For Broadcasting and Webcasting Typical Broadcasting and Webcasting chains reduce the clarity and detail of an audio signal. Thie is especially damaging to voice presence and intelligibility. Voices miked through the 207D will better retain their original character and impact. MicLim ensures a strong undistorted sound that will still sound good out of a computer speaker, car radio, or high fidelity system.

As a "Direct Box" For bass, acoustic guitar and keyboards the Model 207D's low-noise, wide frequency response and tube warmth allow each instrument's unique character to be captured. The MicLim circuit works on the instrument input also, protecting against overload distortion.

SPECIFICATIONS - Aphex Model 207D - Tube Microphone and Instrument Preamp AUDIO Frequency Response +0, -0.5dB 30Hz - 30 kHz EIN -129dBu (input shorted) Crosstalk (10 Hz - 22kHz) -79 dB or better THD (10 Hz-22kHz at -11dBfs) < 0.18% Tube Type 12AT7 / ECC81 Dual Triode MIC INPUT IF OPERATING LEVEL SET TO +4 dBu IF SET TO -10dBv (-7.8dBu) Connector XLR-3F same Type Transformerless, NPN active balanced same Balanced 2k ohms nominal same Maximum Level 0 dBu +12.5 dBV (+14.8 dBu) CMRR Greater than 70dB @ 60 Hz same Nominal Preamp Gain 20 to 65dB minus OUTPUT TRIM loss 8 to 53 dB minus OUTPUT TRIM loss INSTRUMENT INPUT Connector 1/4" Phone Jacks same Type Unalanced JFET amp same Input Z 1M ohm nominal same Maximum Level 10V RMS same Nominal Preamp Gain infinity to 65dB minus OUTPUT TRIM loss infinity to 38dB minus OUTPUT TRIM loss OUTPUT Connector XLR-3M and 1/4" TRS Phone Jacks Type Impedance balanced (may be used unbalanced) Output Z Balanced XLR: 66 ohms - TRS: 1200 ohms Output Z Unbalanced XLR: 33 ohms - TRS: 600 ohms Nominal Level +4 dBu -10dBv (316 mVRMS) Maximum Level +21dBu Unloaded +6.75 dBV Unloaded Output Trim 0 to -12 dB same INSERT Connector 1/4" TRS Phone Jack Send Tip Return Ring Nominal Operating Level -10dBv (316 mVRMS) Point of Insertion Between

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