Aphex 204 Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom

Aphex 204 Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom
Product Description The 204 dramatically enhances live, recorded, broadcast and webcast sound. The patented Aural Exciter enhances detail, clarity and imaging. It has even been scientifically proven to increase intelligibility. It pulls a vocal or an instrument up out of a mix. It punches up an entire mix, even in a noisy or reverberant environment. The new Optical Big Bottom, adds low-end punch with deeper, more powerful bass. This enhanced bass can be packed into your tracks without overloading the recorder and into your PA system without adding more amps or speakers. You cannot achieve these improvements with any other processing regardless of price. There are many “enhancers” on the market , but none can match the effectiveness and musicality of the patented processes in the Model 204.

Features: 2 independent, low noise channels

Adjustable Tune, Harmonics and Mix Controls on Aural Exciter

Adjustable Drive, Tune and Mix Controls on Big Bottom

Switchable -10dBV/+4dBu operating level

Balanced XLR and 1/4 in. I/O

Internal Power Supply

Aural Exciter Increased Presence and Clarity

Restores Natural Brightness

Greater Perceived Loudness

Improved Detail and Intelligibility

Big Bottom Deeper, More Resonant Bass

Little or No Increase in Peak Output

Tighter Bass Articulation

Extended Low Frequencies

For Live Sound - Touring PA & Monitors, Fixed Installations, DJ Rigs The Model 204 will improve the performance of just about any sound system. It will extend the apparent response at both ends of the spectrum and will increase the width and uniformity of high frequency dispersion. The “ dead spots” are filled in without “hyping” the high end. The Big Bottom increases low frequency density - greater loudness with no increase in peaks. This process, unlike multi-band compression, does not change the impact of the bass. All this without adding more amps or speakers!

For Broadcasting & Webcasting Broadcasting and webcasting have limited frequency response and dynamic range. The Aural Exciter and Big Bottom extend high and low frequencies without eating up headroom or causing more limiter action. Broadcasts are louder and more present. Webcasts are cleaner and more natural sounding. The effects are noticeable even on tiny computer speakers.

For Recording, Mixing and Mastering The Aural Exciter restores the subtle nuances that are often damaged in the recording process. Its patented Transient Discriminate Harmonics Generator determines which parts of the signal need harmonic enhancement while other “enhancers” do not have this intelligence, making their effect much less musical. The effect creates more space around each element of the mix and greater overall dimensionality. Additionally, the Big Bottom gives more and deeper bass without overloading the recording medium. Also, record your stereo masters, CDs, and car tapes through the Model 204 - they will sound better no matter what the source or where you play them back, this even applies to heavily bit rate reduced audio sources such as MP3 files.

For Musical Instrument Amplification The Model 204 improves the detail and articulation of your amplified instrument. The Aural Exciter extends the highs by restoring the natural overtones that are often lost in miking and amplification. Big Bottom extends the lows for bass instruments. These enhancements can help you punch through in a noisy or reverberant room and make your current rig ‘big enough’ for much larger rooms.

About Aphex Systems Founded in 1975, Aphex Systems is a leading developer and innovator of signal-processing, dynamics control and analog-to-digital conversion systems designed for a wide cross section of professional end users around the world.

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