Aphex 1788A-RC Remote Control

Aphex 1788A-RC Remote Control
. Almost all live applications require the monitoring of mic preamp gain If there isn't an engineer sitting next to the preamps on stage, there must be a way to control them from a remote position. All parameters of the 1877 are remotely or locally controllable, and setups, snapshots, and recall of presets are quickly and easily available.

The remote control protocol for the 1788 is MIDI and up to 16 units (128 channels) can be controlled with only one control line.

There are three ways to control the 1788 remotely:

Via the 1788RC - Hardware Remote Controller

Via a PC running the 1788SW controller software (W95/98/ME/2000 compatible) The control software has a screen which displays all parameters and metering of one unit at a time and up to 16 units may be called up. All channel status information and metering are displayed in real time. A channel can be selected and settings modified. Scenes can be saved, modified and recalled in the control software. The software also contains a 'learn' function in which the channel(s) adjust the preamp gain to a definable peak value based on the input level during the 'learn' time.

Via any device that generates MIDI, such as a MIDI controller, mixer, sequencer, or show control system

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