Aphex 148 Active Digital Audio Splitter

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Aphex 148 Active Digital Audio Splitter
Purpose With the advent of digital audio consoles and recording devices, the need often arises for a digital output to be sent to multiple digital inputs. But digital signals cannot be split as simply as analog audio signals.

Trouble-free transmission of digital audio requires strict adherence to standards for input and output impedances as well as wiring. If the standards are not met the robustness of the system can diminish causing noise, dropouts, or complete loss of signal.

As the sampling rate increases, so does the possibility of failures. Changing the input impedance by wiring two or more inputs across one output simply does not work.

There are many digital audio distribution amplifiers on the market. They can do many things such as reclocking, reshaping, matrixing, format conversion, etc. But when the need is only for splitting, especially multiple channels, these other devices are prohibitively expensive, bulky, and difficult to set up.

The Model 148 was developed specifically for those applications in which the requirement is to feed the same digital audio signal to multiple inputs. It is clean, stable, and extremely cost effective.

Connections Through the use of 15-pin D sub connectors the 1/2 rack unit can split 8 channels (4 pairs) of digital audio into 32 channels (16 pair). The D-subs follow the standard used on the Model 1788 remote controlled mic preamplifier. See the back panel illustration above for the wiring diagram.

Mounting The Model 148 can be mounted in a rack singly or in pairs with the Aphex Model 44-008SA Rack Kit.

An Operational Bonus The Model 148 incorporates 20dB of saturated gain to square up the input signal. In many cases it can be used as a booster amplifier to restore a signal to full drive at the end of longer runs.

Configuration The Model 148 can be internally configured for either 110 ohms balanced or 75 ohms unbalanced operation.

Features 1 DB15 Male Input connector ( 4 AES3 Stereo Inputs) 4 DB15 Female Output connectors ( 4 AES3 Stereo Outputs on each) No Setup Required Sample rates to 192 kHz All I/O Transformer isolated Low Jitter Low Cost 1/2 Rack Package Internal Power Supply High Reliability Impedance Balanced Outputs High Reliability SPECIFICATIONS - Aphex Model 148 Active Digital Audio Splitter 8 x 32 FINAL SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Inputs 4 Stereo Pro AES3 Transformer Balanced, DB15 Male Outputs 4 x 4 Stereo Pro AES3 Transformer Balanced, DB15 Female AES3 Jitter Less than 100 picoseconds Input Z 110 ohms or 75 ohms (internal switch selectable) Output Z 110 Ohms Balanced (Special order 75 Ohms unbalanced) Output Level AES3 (with standard Z = 110 Ohms) Transfer Gain Automatic .5VP-P to 5VP-P Input generates specified output Power Supply Internal, Fused Power Requirements 110/120/240V, 50-60 Hz, 5W Size 1.75"H x 8.5"W x 8"D (44.5mm x 482.6mm x 203.2mm) Net Weight 2 pounds

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