Apex AX6 DJ Mixer

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Apex AX6 DJ Mixer
The Apex AX6 is a fully featured professional DJ / line mixer with all the essential features required for control of a mobile DJ or club system. With 2 microphone channels featuring Auto-talk function, and convenient XLR & inch combi-Jack inputs. A 12 x 2 LED Status display makes sure any hot levels or potential clips in the signal path are easily identified before they happen. Multiple Phono, CD and Line inputs with Low, Mid, and Hi Tone Controls on each channel. Clip LED & Gain Controls on each channel as well as switchable options on individual inputs like Sampler, Echo, External Effects and Cue.

There are additional special effects on board like 'Laugh, Clap, Bomb, and a crying baby etc. The AX6 comes equipped with a full 24 seconds of Digital Sampling with Battery Backup and an external Stereo Effects Loop.

Advanced Cueing System means you are always in control of the mix and the cues and an advanced crossfader control including Beat LEDs make song beat matching and fades are a breeze. For high use professional applications, easily replaceable crossfader and headphone Mix crossfader are standard. 'Start' Switches for remotely activating remote equipped turntables and disc players are standard on the AX6 as well.

Optional GNL600 Desk Light is available. Features

-DJ/Mic Channel Inputs and Controls - DJ Microphone Input - Gain Control w/clip LED - Tone Controls - Sampler Switch - Echo Switch - External Effects Switch - CUE Switch - Channel Faders - Stereo Channels - Input Select Switches - CD Inputs - Line Inputs - Start Switch - Phono Inputs - Tone Controls - Sampler Switch - Echo Switch - External Effects Switch - CUE Switch - Channel Faders - Crossfader Section - Crossfader - Assign Switch - Beat Indicators - Crossfader Off Switch - Phones Mix - Autotalk Selector Switch - When the Auto switch is in the On position, the level of all sources, except the Microphone channels, are muted. In the Auto position, channels will be automatically muted when a signal is sensed on either the Microphone 1 or Microphone 2 inputs. Set into the Off position, there is no muting, allowing you to mix your voice directly in the mix. - Mute Level - Master 1 & 2 Output Sliders - Balance Controls - Mono Switch - VU Meters - Display Mode Switch - CUE/Headphone Jack - Phones Level - Sampler Cue - Split Cue - Effects On Switch - Effects In - External Effects Cue - Effects Out - Playback Switch - Sampler Mode Switch - Digital Sampler 'sec' Switches - Echo Level Control - Delay Control - Echo On / Off SlapButton - Sampler Level Control - Pan Control - Pitch Control - Sampler Start / Stop Slap Button - Special Effects - Special Effects Level - Digital Sampler

Rear Panel

- Channel 1 Input Connections (stereo) - RCA input jacks for Line 1, RCA input jacks for Line 2, RCA input jacks for Phono 1 - Channel 2 Input Connections (stereo) - RCA input jacks for Line 3, RCA input jacks for Line 4, RCA input jacks for Phono 2 - Channel 3 Input Connections (stereo) - RCA input jacks for CD 1, RCA input jacks for Line 5 - Channel 4 Input Connections (stereo) - RCA input jacks for CD 2, RCA input jacks for Line 6 - External Effects In - External Effects Out - Master 1 RCA Output - Connect to your main amplifier. - Master 2 / Record Output - Connect to your secondary (optional) amplifier and/or to your external recording device. - Master 1 Balance Output - Separate Left Right XLR outputs for an external amplifier. - GND Connection - Sampler Start/Stop Jack - plug a momentary (normally open) footswitch with a standard inch plug into this jack. This option allows you to trigger the sampling process with a footswitch, leaving your hands free to do other things. - Start Jacks - These 1/8 jacks are used in conjuction with the Start switches located on the the front panel of the mixer. These jacks are usually connected to turntables and can assist you by allowing you to start the turntable directly from your mixer.


- Inputs - Microphones 1.5mV, 2 Kohm Balanced - Phono 3mV, 47 Kohm - Line 150mV, 27 Kohm - EFX In 150mV, 27 Kohm - Outputs - Master 1 & 2 0dB 775mv, 400 ohm - Rec Out 500mV, 5 Kohm - EFX Out 1.5V, 220 ohm - Sampler - Sample System 12-Bit Digital Sampling - Memory (total) 24 seconds - Sample Length 24 seconds (max)


- Low +12/-26dB - Mid +12/-26dB - Hi +12/-26dB - Gain 0 to -20dB - Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 2dB - Distortion 0.02% - S/N Ratio Better than 80dB - Talkover attenuation variable - Headphone Impedance 16 ohm - Power 120V AC 60Hz 0.2A - Dimensions (HWD) 13 inch x 19 inch x 4 inch - 33 cm x 48 cm x 10.2 cm - Weight 16.5 lb / 7.5 kg

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