Apex APP22 Dual Phantom Power Supply

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Apex APP22 Dual Phantom Power Supply
As more and more systems are using multiple condenser microphones, multiple phantom powered D.I.s and accessories, the need for additional phantom power sources becomes evident. In situations where stereo direct recording is happening with two condenser source microphones, the obvious solution is a single 'dual-channel' power supply. The Apex APP22 is designed to specifically fill that need. Different condenser microphones specify different amounts of required phantom power to operate correctly. As a rule these ratings can range from 48 volts all the way down to 9 volts. Fortunately there is some flexibility in terms of matching phantom voltage to your mic. A rough rule of thumb would be "more is better". For example, a 24-volt condenser mic will run perfectly on 48 volts. In fact mics rated at as little as 9 volts can often operate on 48 volts, but you might want to check with the manufacturer first. Conversely, a mic will generally perform best driven by not less than its rated voltage so, for a 48V mic, you would obtain best results with 48 volts of phantom power. Features

Phantom power = 48VDC +/- 2VDC Input Connector = XLR female x 2 Output connector = XLR male x 2 Frequency Response = 10Hz - 25kHz Power = adaptor included

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