Apex AHK1 Dual Channel Passive Hum Killer

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Apex AHK1 Dual Channel Passive Hum Killer
Hum due to ground loops is a common occurrence in pro audio systems. The Apex AHK1 Hum Killer transformer-isolates any two AC-powered devices' line-level inputs (or outputs) from the AC ground reference that the devices have established (and thus defeats the loop). The AHK1 is a passive device requiring neither batteries nor connection to the AC power, and can be used on either balanced or unbalanced signals.

Possible examples of the AHK1 in use:

Between the output of a synthesizer and the input of a mixer or keyboard amp Between the line output of an instrument amp and the mixer input Between the Send jack on an external effects unit (EQ, compressor / limiter etc) and the Return jack on the mixer or instrument amp Use both channels to isolate stereo L / R outputs from stereo L / R inputs, or alternatively you may isolate one or two mono patches with the AHK1

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