Apex AHA51 Five Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier

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Apex AHA51 Five Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier
Home recording studios have become a fact of life with more and more finished products going straight from the spare room to the distributor. As a result there is a need for flexible, professional headphone monitoring sufficient for a number of performers, all at a reasonable cost. Basic headphone amps offer one set of stereo inputs and volume-controlled headphone outputs, however more options are needed in the studio. For example, it may be necessary to connect more than one stereo source - possibly the aux. or monitor output from the mixer plus the stereo output of a tape deck or CD player. It may also be necessary to insert reverb or EQ on certain headphone channels, and to interconnect two headphone amps for additional performers. Naturally there needs to be a level control for each headset, clean, accurate reproduction and plenty of power. Features

Five headphone channels each with its own Level control and " stereo Out jack " TRS Insert jacks on channels 1 & 2 for adding reverb, EQ, etc Left & Right RCA Inputs Left & Right " inputs The Right " Input will also accept a stereo TRS connector and stereo mix (tip = right, ring = left), such as the headphone output from a mixer. If a mono jack is connected, only the right earpieces will work The Left " Input will also accept a mono connector and mono mix A " TRS Link jack permits interconnecting two AHA51s for 10 headphone channels, four with inserts, and a total of four input sources Input Impedance = 10k Ohms Maximum Input Level = +18dBV Maximum Gain = 26dB/channel Maximum Output Power = 300mW/channel Output Impedance = 10 Ohms Power = 12VDC Dimensions = 7.5" x 4.75 x 1.25" (190mm x 123mm x 30mm) Weight = 5lb (227g)

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