Anchor XTR-6000U2 Extreme Sound System with Two Built-in Wireless Receivers

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Anchor XTR-6000U2 Extreme Sound System with Two Built-in Wireless Receivers

Xtreme Sound System with Two Built-in Wireless Receivers - Xtreme is an AC powered sound system that delivers a powerful 123dB of crystal clear speech projection to audiences of up to 2,500 people - thats louder than a rock & roll band! FEATURES: 123 dB SPL from 130W Amplifier and High Efficiency Speaker, Speech Projection Switch, XLR Balanced Output, 1/4 Line Input, XLR Balanced Mic/Line Switchable Input with Switchable Condenser Mic Power, XLR Balanced Input with Condenser Mic Power, Bass and Treble Controls and Speakon output for XTR-6001.

Anchor Audio leads the industry with professional, portable sound systems made in our own factory in the USA and backed by a six-year warranty. We maintain strict engineering and quality control to bring you the most reliable sound system possible. When the White House wants to be heard ... they call on Anchor. The reason is simple! For small crowds or large ... music or speech ...indoors or out...Anchor has the perfect system for you. Anchor systems are versatile, rugged and even stylish---and they deliver the clearest sound reproduction possible. We believe that no matter where you take it, the most important part of a sound system is the sound. Six- years on parts and labor on the Anchor Audio.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding General Anchor Product Information

Q: Are the battery powered units both AC and DC? A: No, the battery-powered unit has a power cord that solely provides power to charge the battery. The unit operates while it is plugged in, but the current is just charging the battery. Q: How do you achieve the best crowd coverage with the Liberty, Xtreme and MegaVox? A: Always set the speakers of any unit at least chest high on the tri-pod stand. Use a companion speaker for widely dispersed outdoor crowds and for coverage in a large room. Q: Are Anchor products waterrproof? A: No, they are water resistant, and will operate without a significant reduction in quality in a broad range of weather conditions. Extreme conditions will impact performance. Use a protective enclosure in extreme conditions. Q: How long is the Anchor Audio warranty? A: Six- years on parts and labor. Q: Who will service Anchor products? A: During our six-year warranty period, Anchor Audio in Torrance, California will make all evaluations and repairs. Once a warranty has expired Anchor can still provide service at a very reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Wireless For Any Anchor Product

Q: Can you use wireless and wired microphones at the same time? A: Yes, the wired microphone (MIC-90) can be purchased separately and used with any of the Xtreme or Liberty packages at the same time the wireless microphones are being used. The MegaVox wireless unit is equipped with both wired and wireless microphones that can be used together. Q: Can your systems be hooked up to a mixer? A: Yes, a mixer can be connected to the Liberty and the Xtreme through the line in. Q: How far away can I get from the Anchor system before there is a drop off in wireless performance? A: Generally, 200 ft. is a safe range. However, the following can impact wireless performance and reduce the range.

Metal Enclosures (i.e. convention hall, warehouse, etc.) Near a TV transmitter Near other wireless transmissions in the area (radio station, military base, taxi dispatching). Weak transmitter batteries Q: Can two people use separate wireless microphones on the same frequency with the same Anchor system? A: No, a wireless receiver can only accept a signal from only one transmitter at a time. Using two transmitters at once, on the same frequency as the receiver, will create interference. The solution would be to purchase a dual wireless system that is always set on different frequencies. Q: Can a person using a wireless microphone transmit to more than one Anchor wireless system? A: Yes, as long as the built-in receivers are on the same frequency, one transmitter can broadcast to multiple receivers.

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