Analog Way V301 Multi Purpose Up & Down Converter

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Analog Way V301 Multi Purpose Up & Down Converter
Versatile Converter with universal inputs & outputs.

VIO 1600 is a mutli-purpose Switcher / Converter / Interface. With 3 universal inputs, it accepts a large range of formats, from computer to video and HDTV, in analog or digital format, and a large range of connections: BNC, HD15, DVI, mini DIN, Cinch, RCA. The output accepts the same diversity of formats, type of signals and connectors. VIO 1600 generates various output formats: PAL, NTSC, Y/C, YUV or computer, in analog or digital. VIO 1600 is a universal device with four functions in one: Scan Converter, Scaler, Standard Converter with TBC and Interface. VIO 1600 is a highly flexible device, essential in complex installations.

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