Analog Way SMB413 Smart Booster

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Analog Way SMB413 Smart Booster
onebox computer, HDTV, Composite, S.Video, RGB, YUV.


" The Smart Booster™, takes place in the Analog Way’s Millennium Trilogy, together with the new Smart Switch Video™, the Smart Switch Audio™, and all are compatible with the Smart Cut 2™ & Smart Fade™. Each of the 4 independent inputs is split into 3 separately buffered and amplified outputs. It is the equivalent of integrating, in the same enclosure, 4 different Booster / Splitter boxes of 3 output each. In other words, it saves space, cost and power consumption. The SMB413 splits and boosts any Computer, HDTV and TV Sources such as PC, Mac™, Laptop, any Workstation, Line Doubler, Scaler, Video Presenter, Video & Industrial Camera, VCR, Laser Disc, DVD…

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