Analog Way OPS300 Opus Mixer & Seamless Switcher

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Analog Way OPS300 Opus Mixer & Seamless Switcher
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The OPS300 Opus Mixer & Seamless Switcher from Analog Way can be used as a multi-layer mixer, scaler, and seamless switcher. It feature universal analog and digital inputs and outputs with high-resolution, full digital processing. Live effects include keying and moving PIP (picture in picture). Operation can be set to "Multi-Layer Mixer" and "12x2 Seamless Native Matrix" modes.

Its full-frame, logo memory allows it to display up to (6) layers, (3) live sources, (1) frame, and (2) logos. Live layers can be customized using attributes such as borders, movements, zoom, or transparency. The unit can be controlled using its front-panel pushbuttons or the included software. Inputs

* 2 Digital Inputs (DVI) * 8 Universal Analog Inputs * 2 SD/HD-SDI Inputs * SDTV, EDTV, HDTV and Computer Formats up to 2K * Full Digital In/Out Processing


* 2 Analog and Digital Outputs: Main & Preview * HDTV and Computer Formats up to 2K * RGBHV and DVI * Video Output: SD/HD-TV Analog and SD/HD-SDI

Operation Modes & Effects

* 2 Operation Modes : Mixer and Native Matrix * PIP on Live Background * 8 Full Frames, 8 Logo Memories * DSK on DVI Inputs (Titling by Luma and Chroma Key on Noiseless Digital Source) * 16/9, 4/3, Special Sized and Cropped Output * Pan & Zoom Resizing up to 1000% * Fade (Dissolve), Cut, Wipe, Transparency * Moving PIPs * Image Borders (Edge)

Additional Features

* Dual RS232 and Ethernet Port for Control or Upgrade * Remote Control Software (Supplied) * Integrated Audio Stereo Switcher with SDI Audio De-Embedder * Video Output

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