Analog Way OPS-200 Multi-Layer Hi-Res Mixer with 3 Scalers

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Analog Way OPS-200 Multi-Layer Hi-Res Mixer with 3 Scalers
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Multi Layer Hi-Resolution Mixer Seamless Switcher with 3 Scalers for Rental & Staging and High-End installations.

Opus LE by Analog Way is a Multi Layer Mixer Scaler Seamless Switcher with Universal Analog and Digital input/output and Full High Resolution Digital Processing. It offers numerous Live effects including Keying and PiP animation.

Multi Layer Mixer Mode: Opus LE uses one output as a Preview and the other, the Main output, for the audience. Thanks to its full frame and logo memory, Opus LE can display up to 6 layers: 3 Live Sources, 1 Frame and 2 Logos. Live Layers can be customized by the users with various attributes: Borders, Movements, Zoom, Cut, Wipe, Fade & Slide.

General Features: Opus LE offers up to 11 inputs including 2 fitted with digital DVI and 2 fitted with SDI. SDI is compatible with SD and HD TV formats so is DVI which offers computer formats in addition. With state of the art 100% digital processing, the Opus LE outputs Digital and Analog Signals in DVI and VGA (RGBHV) simultaneously with a selection of many formats up to Computer 2K. Opus LE provides a high image quality thanks to its true 10 bits SD/HD auto adaptive pixel by pixel 3D motion compensation processing, de-interlacing, auto 3:2 and 2:2 reverse pull down circuitry, processing and Frame follower.

Logo and Full Frame: They can be recorded in the large non volatile memory of the OPS200: 7 still logos and 7 full screen frames. These elements can be uploaded from computer files via Ethernet LAN or dual RS232 connections or acquired from the displayed image.

Integrated Audio Stereo switcher features 11 inputs (10 analog and 2 from embedded SDI) and 2 outputs. An auxiliary input can be mixed with any other input. Master volume and individual input level can be adjusted. Auxiliary input, input #7 and outputs offers balanced or unbalanced connections.

Opus LE is a high grade easy to use A/V Presentation Mixer Switcher particularly adapted to rental and staging and high-end installations due to its excellent versatility. Fully controlled from its own front panel as well as from its Remote Control Software (supplied) or from the new ORCHESTRA remote console, it offers a large range of utilization. Equipped with TCP/IP and dual RS232, Opus LE can be updated with new features and functions improving its life time.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: 7 Universal Inputs Analog Inputs (All inputs #1 to #7) SD-TV: Composite, S.Video, YUV, RGsB or RGBS NTSC: 15.735kHz / 60Hz PAL/SECAM : 15.625kHz / 50Hz ED/HD-TV: RGsB, RGBS or YUV 480p / 60 Hz 576p / 50 Hz 720p, 1080i, 1035i / 50 or 60Hz 1080p / 24, 25, 30, 50 or 60 Hz 1080psF / 24, 25 or 30 Hz Computer: RGBHV, RGBS or RGsB Resolution up to 16001200 / 60 Hz, 19201200 /60 Hz or 20481080 / 60 Hz Horizontal frequency from 31.5 to 130 kHz Vertical frequency up to 130 Hz FpxMax = 165MHz

4 Digital Inputs (DVI-I 1, DVI-I 2, SDI1 and SDI2): DVI-I: SD-TV, ED-TV, HD-TV and Computer formats SDI: SD-TV & HD-TV YUV / 10bits / 4:2:2 Automatic synchronization detection

Main and Preview Outputs Computer Digital and Analog: RGBHV, RGBS or RGsB and DVI Resolution up to 16001200 / 60 Hz, 19201200 / 60 Hz or 20481080 / 60 Hz Vertical frequency 50, 60, 72 or 75 Hz depending on Output format FpxMax = 165MHz

Audio Stereo In/Out Inputs: - 9 Audio stereo inputs + 1 Auxiliary + 2 from embedded SDI - AUX and input #7 Balanced - Vi = +15dB - Zi = 20 kOhms (Unbalanced) / 40 kOhms (Balanced) - Adjustable Level per input Outputs: - 2 independent outputs - Balanced/Unbalanced - Vo = +15 dBu / 300 Ohms (Unbalanced) - Vo = +21 dBu / 600 Ohms (Balanced)

User Controls Front Panel Standby On/Off Input, Layer and Logo direct access Freeze/Black Effect and preset selection Large Graphic VFD screen with control knobs and buttons for easy and fast access to menus and adjustments

Connectors Rear Panel Input #1 to #5 Connectors: - HD15-F: (Analog SD/ED/HD-TV and Computer) Input #6 to #7 and DVI-I 1 to DVI-I 2 Connectors: - DVI-I Female: (Analog SD/ED/HD-TV and Computer) - SDI 1 & SDI 2: BNC-F Audio: - 3.5mm Stereo jack: inputs #1 to #4 - 10 pins MCO connectors: 2 for Inputs and 1 for Outputs - DB9: Dual RS232 for remote control - RJ45: Ethernet connection - AC main connector with On/Off switch

Main and Preview Output Connectors: Each output is fitted with: - DVI-I Female: (Digital and Analog) RGB or YUV - HD15 Female: RGB or YUV

Dimensions: 2U, 19 D 13″ x W 19″ x H 3.15″ D 330 mm x W 480 mm x H 80 mm

Weight: 5kg / 11lbs

Power Supply Internal, universal, automatic, 100-250 V; 50/60 Hz; 140 W (UL, CSA, GS, CE)

Supplied with 1 x AC power cable 2 x DVI male to HD15 Female and DVI female cable 1 x HD15 to 5 BNC Cable 1 x Ethernet cross cable (for update) 1 x Remote control software 1 x User manual on Cd-Rom 1 x Set of 3 audio 10-pin screw terminals 1 x Quick Start

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