Analog Way OFD803 Seamless Switcher

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Analog Way OFD803 Seamless Switcher
> HD Seamless Switcher for Conference Rooms, Houses of Worship and Large Screen Projections > 8 Universal Inputs with Audio: - NTSC / PAL / Secam, S.Video, RGB, YUV, HDTV - Computer up to UXGA > Analog and Digital Inputs/Outputs up to 1080p > Transition Effects: Cut, Fade and Titling

OCTO Fade2TM by Analog Way is a High Resolution Digital and Analog, Computer & Video Scaler Seamless Switcher. OFD803 features fade and titling effects. OFD 803 is fitted with 8 Universal A/V inputs including one DVI, and 3 outputs: 2 Analog and 1 DVI. It performs an ultra fast and smooth transition between any Video or Computer source. It also allows a true seamless cut between one computer Input (direct) and any other Video or Computer Input.

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