Analog Way NTX8022A Natix 8x2 Scaled Matrix w/Audio

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Analog Way NTX8022A Natix 8x2 Scaled Matrix w/Audio
8 x 2 Scaled MatriX with Native Hi-Res Outputs. 8 x A/V Universal Inputs – Computer up to UXGA, DVI. Outputs : 2 x Scaled up to 1400 x 1050 (SXGA+ &D-ILA). Hi-res. Logo Inserter & frame Store Related product : Remote Keypad with T-Bar+ TRIPLIX + Show Manager OE.


NATIX™ is an 8x2 Hi-res Scaled Native Matrix with 8 universal inputs and different resolutions on each output. NATIX performs ultra smooth and fast switching transitions with no artifacts (independently on the 2 outputs). The switching or transition can be performed with a fading effect, using a color, black, or one of the two images saved as a frame store. NATIX features logo insertion and frame store functions. NATIX can switch any of the 8 inputs to 1 or 2 outputs. The scaled inputs can be displayed on output 1 and/or 2 with different resolutions. NATIX is especially designed for hi-res A/V presentations, boardrooms and exhibition centers and offers exceptional image quality with great flexibility for glitch free and professional presentations. "

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