Analog Way NTX8022A-HD Natix 8x2 Scaled Matrix w/Audio & SDI/HD SDI & DVI Input

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Analog Way NTX8022A-HD Natix 8x2 Scaled Matrix w/Audio & SDI/HD SDI & DVI Input
The Analog Way NTX-8022A-D NatiX is a video and audio Seamless Switcher and scan conversion device; it is able to accept high resolution video in various analog and digital formats on eight inputs featuring dual buses. The inputs can be routed to two scaled, format selected outputs.

Key Features

Functionality Complete functionality can be accessed from the outboard controllers and Remote.

Scalability The output can be scaled up to various pixel rates and aspect ratios; it also can be assigned to HD-15, HD-SDI or DVI outputs

Switching This unit has the ability to act as a presentation switcher; it will select one of 8 A/V input channels and can switch to other sources during presentations to dual output displays.

Logo and Frame Store Logo and Frame Store capability includes:

8 Logos and 2 Frame Stores 16 Million Colors Non-volatile memory Flash Capture of Video or Computer Sources 256 Step Keying Threshold Control Settable H&V Logo Position 2 Logos Allocated Per Input

Matrix Matrix switching means any of the eight inputs can be switched to either of the two outputs simultaneously.


Video Presentations Large Live Events Rental and Installation for Trade Shows

Audio Option This model features the audio option that switches eight balanced stereo inputs with the video to two balanced outputs with setable level and master volume.

D Option The D option offers DVI and SDI input.

Rackmountable The NatiX will fit into existing rack spaces without extraneous equipment.

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